About OSMapper

Show the location of your company on the map on your website. Without any display limit, without required API keys, simply and quickly. Adjust the appearance of the map and markers so that they match your website.

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Download for free from wordpress.org


No limits

OSMapper uses Open Street Maps to download and display the maps. Thanks to this, you do not have to enter any API keys, and you do not have to worry about additional costs related to fees for extra displays.

Customise the appearance of the markers

Along with the plug-in, you will receive a library of perfectly-designed graphical markers; if you like, you can use your own PNG file, e.g. with your company’s logo. Thanks to this, the map will be even more customised. Add speech balloons with a description of your location, insert additional content there, such as opening hours, links or pictures.

Unlimited number of markers

Add as many locations as you want on a single map. Enter the address and OSMapper will automatically recognise the location; if you like, you can rectify it by dragging the marker directly on the map or manually by entering the GPS coordinates.

Many maps on one single site

Create maps without any limits. You can create an unlimited number of maps and adjust them according to your individual requirements.

Adjust the colours

Choose the perfect colours of the map. Along with the plug-in, we deliver a rich set of colour schemes enabling you to choose an appearance that suits the overall style of your website.

Version comparison

Function FREE PRO
Geolocalization by address
Unlimited map displays count
Amount of available map schemes 3 versions 7 versions
New featureAmount of available popup designs 1 versions 4 versions
Amount of available pin designs 2 pins 6 pins
Adding marker info window
Manual adjusting map marker
New featureCostom pin icons
Upload different graphics for every pin
New featureInclude text, links, etc. in marker info window
Unlimited maps
Unlimited pins
Superfast Support
Price FREE 20 USD
Download for free from WordPress.org

What clients say?
Rewievs directly from WordPress.org


I highly recommend it

Plugin does its job very well. Support is pleasant and quick.


Fast and easy

The plugin is doing its job, I’ve changed Google Maps on this plugin and from what I see it works faster than Google Maps. It also has a geocoder that can locate GPS coordinates of the given address. Perhaps it would be wise to provide more personalization options, but this is not so important anymore.


Easy to use

Plugin is fast, easy to use and support is awesome! no need to look further if you are serious about maps on your WP website.


Google replace

Great plugin. No credit card requred.


Works well with WP5

Very easy to use, recommend.


Well done!

This plugin does what it promises and does it well.
For me it is important to be able to use openstreetmap and I was able to do everything I wanted


Very nice

Good alternative for Google maps.


Buy the PRO version license for your website. If you like, you can use a free plug-in version available at the official WordPress repository.

The payments are handled through PayPal. After purchase, you will receive a message with your activation key and a link to download an extended OSMapper PRO version. The activation is required to download the update and to receive technical support.

The licence price amounts to USD 20,- / one-off payment the licence is perpetual ,which means that you can download updates until the end of time and one day longer.

One licence (one key) enables the activation of only one www domain. You can transfer the licence without any problem to any domain at any time. Information explaining how to do that is in the F.A.Q. section.


Once you install the OSMapper PRO plug-in, a notification to activate the licence will be displayed in the admin panel. Click the “Activate the licence” link. Then, enter the licence key that you received by e-mail after purchase in the plug-in configuration dialog. Click “Activate now”. If the key is correct, you will receive notification about the successful activation of the plug-in.

The activation is necessary in order to download the plug-in updates.
We are constantly developing OSMapper PRO, improving its functioning and adding new functionalities.
If you want to use them, you need to activate the licence.

In the configuration dialog of a plug-in that has been already activated, there is a “Deactivate the licence” button. Once you click it, your licence will be released, and you will be able to activate it on another domain. Nevertheless, do not forget that one key enables activation of the licence for one domain.

The change of the licence is possible once per week. It is a security measure against unauthorised exchange of licence keys.

We are working on that; however, it is not possible at this moment. If you would like to buy a larger number of licences, feel free to contact us – [email protected]. We will present you with a customised offer.

Currently this is not possible; however, we know that such a functionality is needed, so we are working on that. It will be added soon, along with the update of the plug-in.

Of course, if you need a VAT invoice, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]. Provide us with all data about your company and attach the activation key in order for us to verify it.
We will send you the invoice by e-mail within 7 days.